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October 8, 2013
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Costa Rica's Reference Sheet by A-rtificialHeart Costa Rica's Reference Sheet by A-rtificialHeart
Basic Information

Country: Costa Rica

Human Name: José Rodriguez Diaz

Age: (192 Since Independence from
Spain)(511 Since Discovery)

Gender: Male

Languages:Spanish,(+ English and
Other Indigenous languages)

Goverment Type: Democratic Republic

President: Laura Chincilla

Capital City: San José

Height: 5"1/155 cm


He's a fairly cheerful guy, he likes to relax at home and gives tours to visitors who come to Costa Rica. Since most of the country's economy runs on tourism. Because, of the a military being forbidden by the constitution in 1949, he wasn't as strong as he was before, and is quite peaceful. He usually tries to resolve problems with countries especially neighbors calmly and peacefully to avoid any trouble. He likes to walk around the more quieter and greener places in his country, observing the flora, fauna and such as a hobby. Though, he does enjoy the loud nightlife of San José and other major cities in Costa Rica. Festivals and Celebrations such as national birthday and others are lively and fun to participate in as well. Some of his hobbies include photography, dancing, and especially soccer(football) of course! Almost Anything outdoorsy is enjoyed. (Rock Climbing, Hiking..)


Costa Rica has fairly dark slightly messy brown hair, a tan skin tone and olive green colored eyes. He wears a dark green military uniform with a Sam Browne belt over it, under the military jacket is a plain white dress shirt with a sorest green tie. He has tall black leather boots tucked in the pair of pants. Usually he wears as a casual, everyday clothes, a plain dress shirt or T-Shirt depending on the weather and a pair of pants. The climate is usually warm or rainy so loose, clothes that are easy to move in are a common thing to wear.

History: {WIP}

Economy: {WIP}


The climate in Costa Rica is actually quite variable despite the small size. But it maintains a rather tropical and sunny weather most of the times. In the Highlands and mountains the weather is the cold and misty usually, the temperature can drop to 32 °F (°0C ). The most mild and calm weather is in San José and the Central Plains, where it's delightfully warm and seems like an "eternal spring". The Pacific and Caribbean coast are usually the hottest with temperatures around 94 °F (35 °C) and has the highest amount of precipitation. The seasons in Costa Rica are the dry (December-April) and the wet (May-November). The warmest months are March and April, coldest January to November. 



Recently, Costa Rica isn't getting along with this neighbor, their having a bit of a conflict over the Nicaraguan Canal Project. Since the canal is supposedly built close to the Nicaraguan - Costa Rican border and if the canal is built then it could mean that it could affect the nearby rivers(like Rio San Juan, or Rio Colorado) and the environment as well. They were a bit friendlier in the past but the tension between the borders have tensed up the atmosphere between the two. 


Soon after Fidel Castro declared Cuba a communist state, Costa Rican President Mario Echandi(His boss at the time) ended diplomatic relations on 10 September 1961. Cuba is like a bro to him, I guess, their relations were a bit rocky after he became a communist country but Costa Rica's boss Oscar Sánchez said they would re-established relations on 18 March 2009 and Cuba's government announced that it agreed to re-establishing relations, so they are back to to being friends now. They like to play soccer(football) sometimes and usually Costa Rica wins.


During the Nicaraguan(1978-79) Civil Conflict Panama offered to help defend Costa Rica's Northern Border from Nicaraguan forces.
When the Pan-American Highway opened the nations ties had been slowly strengthening between the countries, but a bit later(Around late 1980's) on there was commercial disputes which led to trade disruptions. Early in 1987, the two nations signed an agreement to regulate commerce in the border region, but a few days later, Panama closed the border, claiming that Costa Rica was violating the agreement. Though they seems on cooler terms now and sometimes he likes to visit sometimes Panama, usually for touring the beaches and jungles/rain forests since they live so close to each other it's easier, but he's concerned if it's to bothersome to come too often, since he doesn't want much trouble.

United States of America,

The two nations have a friendly relations with each other, They share similar interests in democratic government, human freedoms, free trade and others. America's is responsible for more than half of Costa Rica's tourism, exports and imports which makes the U.S Costa Rica's most important trading partner. There is about 50,000 Americans in Costa Rica and more than 700,000 Americans visit the country every year. These countries also share the concern for the environment, global warming and preserving rain forests. There is about 18 U.S Embassy Officials in Costa Rica. America is like a close friend to Costa Rica, they like to discuss the topic they same both and interests in,(global warming, rain forests..) he usually doesn't visit that often but America goes to Costa Rica for a tour or something sometimes. 

China & Taiwan

Costa Rica had relations with Taiwan and even built a friendship bridge which opened in 2003 between the two to declare their relations. But since Costa Rica wanted to attract more Chinese Investments, he broke relations with Taiwan in 2007 for China. 

Fun Facts:{WIP}

- Unlike most of it's Central American neighbors Costa Ricans are largely of European rather than mestizo descent; Spain was the primary country of origin.

- President Oscar Arias Sánchez(06-10) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role as mediator.

- Costa Ricans tend to call themselves "Ticos" because of their habitual use of "tico" (For example: "Momentito" would be pronounced "Momentico")

//table flips I'll do the history tomorrow
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